Clean, affordable and

reliable heating

for all

We are Yeager Energy. A sustainable energy company that realizes clean geothermal energy on a large scale – from the source to your front door. In doing so Yeager Energy makes a significant contribution to the energy transtition of the Netherlands.

Nearly half of all energy consumption is spent on heating. Geothermal energy can contribute to 30% of the current heat demand in the Netherlands.

Clean & renewable heating

Geothermal energy is heat that arises from the interior of the earth. The core of the earth is about 6,000 °C.

There is a huge amount of heat energy stored in the earth that will last for billions of years.

The water that is present in earth layers at a few kilometers depth is heated to 100 °C. This water is pumped up to the earth's surface, where the heat is extracted in a heat exchanger. After releasing the heat, the cooled water is pumped back into the same earth layer after which it heats up again (cyclical and renewable).

Therefore, it is an almost inexhaustible source of heat.

Reliable & affordable heating

Through years of experience in the Netherlands and abroad, the geothermal installations are reliable and safe.

By linking with other systems, other sources of sustainable heat and back-up systems, delivery of heat is guaranteed.

The costs of geothermal energy are stable and predictable for a longer period of time. Geothermal energy is cheaper than natural gas under the current circumstances.

The heat price for consumers is regulated by the Netherlands Authority for the Consumer Market (ACM) and set every year.

Independent energy – local heating

The extraction of sustainable geothermal energy takes place locally. Heat cannot be transported over long distances because it cools down too much.

Due to the large presence of geothermal heat in the subsurface, geothermal energy can contribute to meeting about 30% of the current heating demand in the Netherlands.

Geothermal energy as part of the energy mix in the Netherlands leads to independence from foreign gas and greater safety and independence of energy.

Geothermal energy is local and contributes to an independent energy supply

Always available

Geothermal energy is always available and is independent of the weather – the sun or the wind, day or night or the seasons, it is "always on" – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ground underneath the Netherlands is suitable for geothermal heat extraction in many places, because there is a lot of water in the subsurface.

Safe heating

The current application of geothermal energy has been done in a safe and responsible manner for over 100 years.

The (deep) geothermal sector is supervised by the State Supervision of Mines (Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen), which monitors compliance with laws and regulations.

Geothermal operators must thoroughly investigate risks to humans and the environment in advance. The operator is also obliged to take safety measures and comply with procedures before and during energy production.


Geothermal energy is one of the cleanest and most efficient forms of renewable energy after the use of natural gas.

Geothermal energy has an 'energetic payback period' of several months: in that period, the CO2 emissions, caused by the required steel production, drilling, etc., are recouped by the savings on fossil energy (natural gas).

One geothermal system can provide around 15,000 homes with sustainable heat and thus save 20,000 to 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Existing technology

Geothermal energy was already used by the Greeks and romans and is a proven technology.

Geothermal energy at a depth of a few km's has such a large capacity that thousands of homes and businesses can be supplied with sustainable heat with only one system.

This is already happening in large cities such as Reykjavik, Munich, Milan and in Paris for over 50 years with hundreds of thousands of connections.

There are already 26 geothermal systems in the Netherlands, mainly for greenhouse horticulture.

Small carbon footprint

A geothermal installation takes up limited space above ground, so there is minimal spatial impact on the environment.

The extraction does not cause odour, dust or noise pollution and, as far as is known, there are no effects on humans, animals and plants or the subsoil.

New jobs

The rise of the geothermal sector is leading to the creation of direct jobs – within the geothermal sector and in the construction and management of heat networks.

In addition, indirectly with suppliers, consultants, the government and more.

It is expected that this will involve thousands of jobs.

According to ECN (part of TNO), around 39,000 to 72,000 full-time jobs will be added in 2030. For every job lost in fossil sectors (coal, oil), seven climate jobs will take its place.

The expectation for underground infrastructure and geothermal energy in 2030 is up to 20,000 jobs.

Yeager Energy is…

…a geothermal energy producer

We extract geothermal energy deep from the earth in order to sustainably heat houses, buildings, greenhouses and (light) industry on a large scale.

We produce this heat safely, reliably and affordably.

We have all the knowledge in-house – from conducting geological research, obtaining permits, communicating with the stakeholders, to safely carrying out drilling, building geothermal installations and producing sustainable geothermal energy for everyone in the long term.

…a heat network developer and manager

Not only do we extract sustainable heat from the earth, we also supply it to the customer – from the source to your front door via heat networks.

As an integrated heat company, Yeager Energy aims to innovatively develop, build and manage sustainable and smart heat and cold networks (Smart Grids) in combination with geothermal energy and other sources of sustainable (residual) heat for homes, buildings, (light) industry and greenhouses.

For this we work together with municipalities, housing corporations, energy companies and specialist engineering firms.

Help us with the development of geothermal energy in the Netherlands and the rest of the world

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy makes use of the local presence of hot water deep in the earth (in the Netherlands up to 100°C). It is an almost inexhaustible source of renewable energy.

Geothermal energy is a local, sustainable source of energy that is renewable, reliable and affordable.

From the deep subsurface (up to a depth of about 3 km) this hot water is pumped up, the heat is removed and the cold water is pumped back (circular process). This sustainable heat is used by means of heat networks (district heating) for heating homes, businesses, greenhouses and (light) industry. In addition, the extraction of geothermal energy can also be used to cool buildings and homes. If the temperature of the pumped up water is high enough, it can even be used to produce sustainable electricity.

The use of geothermal energy is not new and has already been used by the Greeks and the Romans. Geothermal energy in combination with heat networks is already widely used in large European cities such as Reykjavik, Paris, Munich and Milan.

The term geothermal comes from Greek and is composed of "gé" = earth/soil/land and "thermós" = warm/hot. Geothermal energy simply means "heat from the earth".

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