Yeager Energy Projects

Yeager Energy operates with other geothermal companies, governments, customers, energy and district heating network companies and other interested parties to make the Netherlands more sustainable with the application of geothermal energy and district heating networks

Yeager Energy projecten


Oude Rijn

Geothermal energy system connected to a local or regional district heating network

The energy transition is ongoing. We are working in close collaboration with the municipalities and other stakeholders to include geothermal energy as one of the solutions in this energy transition.


Aardwarmte Delfland

Geothermal energy system connected to a district heating network

Aardwarmte Delfland is a co-operation between Yeager Energy, Harting Holland, A. de Bruijn & Zn. and Shell Geothermal. Together we are working to develop, produce and supply renewable heat in the Westland area.



Geothermal energy system connected to a district heating network

The heat demand on the island Voorne-Putten in South-Holland is high and the subsurface properties for geothermal energy are very attractive. That's why we're working hard to develop geothermal energy in this area.


Purmerend 3

Geothermal heat supply to the district heating network of SVP

Purmerend has a large district heating network (company: Stadsverwarming Purmerend – SVP) . Currently the heat is supplied by a biomass plant and by burning natural gas. Jointly with SVP and the municipality we would like to make the network more sustainable for generations to come.

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