Aardwarmte Delfland: working together on providing sustainable heat

Aardwarmte Delfland is a cooperation between Yeager Energy, Harting Holland, A. de Bruijn & Zn. and Shell Geothermal. Together we are working to develop, produce and supply renewable heat in the Westland area.

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There is sufficient subsurface data available in this area to allow the production of geothermal heat in a safe and sustainable manner. We are now assessing if this heat can be produced in reliable and affordable manner.

Project summary


Geothermal energy system connected to a district heating network

Current phase

Feasibility phase. We know that geothermal heat production is possible and we are now studying the economic feasibility.

Expected realisation

We expect to start delivering sustainable heat in 2025.

Interesting for?

Greenhouse horticulture sector, companies, homes and utility buildings

Project name

Aardwarmte Delfland


De Lier 8 and De Lier VI

Which area does it concern?

The area is situated between The Hague and Rotterdam in the province of Zuid Holland, in the well-known ‘Westland’ horticulture area. The license areas concerned are ‘De Lier 8’ and ‘De Lier VI’.

The greenhouse horticulture sector plays an important role in this area. Greenhouses have a high demand for heat and have been the pioneers in geothermal energy. A significant number of geothermal systems have been realised in this area and have proven that the geological conditions are excellent in this area.

In addition to the production of geothermal energy, we are also investigating the supply of heat using district heat networks.

De Lier projectkaart Yeager Energy

The areas 'De Lier 8' and 'De Lier VI' are located south of The Hague and northwest of Rotterdam (province of South Holland).

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Current phase of the project

Yeager Energy participates in this project jointly with partners Harting Holland, A. de Bruijn & Zn. and Shell Geothermal. A joint operating agreement has been agreed and an SDE subsidy obtained.

We aim to expand the market for heat sales as much as possible to be able to provide the lowest possible heat sales price.

What are the benefits?

  • Sustainable, clean, renewable energy.
  • Local energy: no dependency on other countries.
  • Minimal footprint: geothermal installations require a small surface area.
  • Affordable energy: it will not cost more than natural gas and likely less, especially at high gas prices.
  • Stable and predictable energy: independent of wind or sun, day or night. The production and costs are stable and predictable.
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Who benefits?

This project is of interest to anyone who wants clean, sustainable and affordable heat.

In addition to the greenhouse horticulture sector, it is also interesting for homes, offices and (light) industry. If you want clean and affordable geothermal heat and your home or property is located in this area: please contact us.

Do you have a question on this project?

Please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you.

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