Clean & affordable geothermal heat for Purmerend

Purmerend has a large district heating network (company: Stadsverwarming Purmerend – SVP). Currently the heat is supplied by a biomass plant and by burning natural gas. Jointly with SVP and the municipality we would like to make the network more sustainable for generations to come.

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We have conducted detailed studies of the subsurface to confirm the safe production of geothermal heat. We want to continue to support SVP to make its district heating network more sustainable by supplying sustainable heat from geothermal wells.

Project summary


Geothermal heat supply to the district heating network of SVP

Current phase

Feasibility phase. We have been awarded a geothermal exploration license by the minister in 2021. We know geothermal heat production is technically possible and we are now studying the economic feasibility.

Expected realisation

We expect to provide heating in 2024/2025

Who benefits?

Homes, offices, companies, utilities and local (light) industry


Purmerend 3

Which area does it concern?

It concerns an area just above the municipality of Purmerend, north of Amsterdam (province of North-Holland). This is where the license area known as 'Purmerend 3' is located.

This area has excellent conditions to produce clean geothermal heat that can provide the district heating network of Purmerend with sustainable and affordable heat.

The district heating network in Purmerend has some 27,000 connections and the heat is supplied by biomass and natural gas-fired boilers for peak demand and operational backup. In order to make the heat network more sustainable and to further expand the number of connections, Stadsverwarming Purmerend (SVP) is looking at additional and more sustainable sources of heat. Yeager Energy would like to help Purmerend with the supply of clean, affordable and reliable heat using geothermal energy.

purmerend projectlocatie

The research area 'Purmerend 3' is located above the municipality of Purmerend north of Amsterdam (province of North Holland).

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Current phase of the project

The exploration license was granted to Yeager Energy in the 4th quarter of 2021.

Technical studies are ongoing to confirm the geothermal potential in the area.

By the end of 2022, we hope to have sufficient certainty on the potential further development. We will then start with the operational planning of this project (including e.g. applying for various permits for the drilling of the first test well).

What are the benefits?

  • Sustainable, clean, renewable energy.
  • Local energy: no dependency on other countries.
  • Minimal footprint: geothermal installations require a small surface area.
  • Affordable energy: it will not cost more than natural gas and likely less.
  • Stable and predictable energy: independent of wind or sun, day or night. The production and costs are stable and predictable.
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Who benefits?

This project is of interest for anyone who wants clean, sustainable and affordable heat. And anyone who wants to stop using gas and wants to be part of the energy transition.

This includes the built environment (residential, offices) and utility buildings but also light industry.

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